b"Healthcare Focus ProductsBreakfast Sausage 2Chicken 3Smoked Sausage 7Steak-EZE Sliced Steak and Chicken Sandwich and Ingredient Meat 8Fully Cooked Burgers 8Meatballs 9Value Added Beef 9Handheld 11 Grab 'N Go 12 Lunch and Dinner Sandwiches 13 Bosco's Stuffed Breadsticks 14Hillshire Farm Sausage Rolls 15 Hillshire Snacking Small Plates 15 Tyson Mini Corn Dogs 15IW = Individually Wrapped NAE = No Antibiotics Ever FC = Fully Cooked UC = Uncooked RTE = Ready to Eat*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.**Select Cut products give operators options when premium-priced products no longer fit their budget. Their customers can enjoy a whole-muscle bite at a value price to the operator and consistent sizing for accurate portioning and cost control. 12020 Tyson Foods, Inc. Trademarks and registered trademarks are owned by Tyson Foods, Inc. or its subsidiaries, or used under license."