b"Focus Products for LodgingLUNCH & DINNER SANDWICHES CONTINUEDCode # Description Case Pack Net Wt.(lb.)Deli Sandwiches10000051148 Like Mom's Chicken Salad On Wheat Bread 12/4.5 oz.3.3810000097766 Like MomsChicken, Pepperoni, & Salami w/ Cheese On Wheat Bread 12/5.9 oz. 5.8910000001041 Like MomsEgg Salad on Wheat Bread 12/4.5 oz.3.3810000001051 Like MomsHam And Cheese Club 12/6.0 oz. 4.5010000030204 Like MomsHam And Cheese On Wheat Bread 12/4.64 oz. 3.4810000072122 Like Moms Italian Grinder Sub 12/7.3 oz. 5.4810000001446 Like Moms Roast Beef And Cheese On Wheat Bread 12/4.8 oz. 3.6010000010100 Like MomsRoast Beef, Turkey w/ Pepper Jack Cheese On Wheat Bread 12/5.8 oz. 4.3510000051147 Like Moms Tuna Salad On Wheat Bread 12/4.57 oz. 3.3810000051152 Like MomsTurkey And Cheese Club 12/6.0 oz. 4.5010000072103 Like Moms Turkey And Swiss Cheese Sub 12/7.0 oz. 5.2510000030243 Like MomsTurkey And Cheese On Wheat Bread 12/4.64 oz. 3.4810000002029 Like Moms Turkey And Ham 12/7.5 oz. 5.63Mini and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches10000080304 Pierre Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich 12/4.10 oz. 3.0810000003297 Pierre Mini Spicy Breaded Chicken Sandwiches 12/5.5 oz. 4.1310000003293 Pierre Mini Twin Cheeseburger 12/4.89 oz. 3.68 Sandwiches10000097721 Pierre Signatures Cheeseburger12/7.07 oz 5.2510000012311 Pierre Signatures Southern-Style, Breaded Chicken Breast With Cheese Sandwich 12/7.5 oz. 5.6310000012312 Pierre Signatures Spicy, Breaded Chicken Breast With Cheese Sandwich 12/7.75 oz. 5.8110000035869 Pierre Signatures Monterey Style, Grilled Chicken Sandwich 12/8.79 oz. 6.5910000072122 10000003927Like Moms Pierre SignaturesItalian Grinder Sub Spicy, Breaded Chicken Breast with Cheese SandwichNAE = No Antibiotics Ever = product within the Real Rewards Caf ProgramFC = Fully Cooked 14UC = Uncooked*All natural. No artificial ingredients."