b"Feel-good options \x1fom trusted brands.With a full portfolio of leading brands, Tyson Foodservice helps you deliver the quality attributes that matter to consumers. Explore these options fromTyson , Tyson Red Label, Jimmy Dean , Hillshire Farm ,Mexican Original ,and AdvancePierre brands.TysonNo Antibiotics Ever Chicken Jimmy DeanGluten-Free Breakfast SausageWellness and sustainability are important to you, your consumers and to us. Enjoy the same signature avor, legendary quality and quick prep that has You can take comfort in knowing we have a strong commitment to providing 3 *wholesome chicken products that are carefully handled from farm to table. Thatsmade Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage #1 in Foodservice. All Naturalvarieties why we o\x1cer multiple full lines of Tyson poultry raised with No Antibiotics Ever. include pork and chicken options as well as lower sodium pork sausage.Plus, all breakfast sausage links and patties meet the USDA requirement for gluten-free labeling. Tyson Red Labeland Tyson TrueTenderpressed Jimmy DeanBreakfast SandwichesAll Natura l*Chicken Bring consumers whole grain goodness with Jimmy Dean Delights brand and Tyson Red Label NAE products deliver a combination of quality and performance,high protein choices with Jimmy Dean Frittata sandwiches made with eggs in with select All Natural*o\x1cerings in tiered price points. Tyson True Tenderpressedplace of traditional bread.NAE chicken o\x1cers hand-trimmed, naturally shaped, 100% All Natural*breast lets.TysonAll Natural *Low Sodium Ingredient Chicken Hillshire FarmGluten-Free Smoked SausageIncrease labor e\x1dciencies with delicious, recipe-ready All Natural*, Our natural casing smoked sausage items are gluten-free and have no Low Sodium Ingredient Chicken. These products were developed toMSG. The natural casings seal in the natural avor and juices. Our smoked deliver tender, juicy avor and consistent performance across the menu. sausage products are hardwood smoked for a rich, distinctive Hillshire Farm brand avor. Mexican OriginalWhole Grain and Whole Wheat Tortillas AdvancePierreThe PubNatural Flamebroiled USDAOur whole-grain and 100% whole wheat tortillas are made from the originalChoice Angus Beef Chuck Steak Burgers grain seed. Studies show that eating whole grains o\x1cers important sources of natural ber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.4O\x1cer your guests the feelAll Natural * beef burgers are made from choice Angus cattle raised with a good options they're looking for with these tortillas.100% vegetarian diet. Minimally processed with no articial ingredients.Raised without added hormones and No Antibiotics Ever."