b'Morning Meal Marketingis the only daypart to consistently grow traffic year over year at restaurants, but Healthcare still has anMATERIALSopportunity to grow this daypart.NPD CREST Morning Meal Presentation, May 2019This is a great opportunity for healthcare operationsas it has created new approaches and strategies forreaching customers and helps to increase satisfactionand drive additional sales at off peak times. Gone are the traditional dayparts and now you can meet your customers where they are in terms of late-night meals, mid-afternoon snacks, or on-the-go options. Many healthcare operations are catering to busy customers with premade meals that help satisfy hunger in short order. 53% of breakfast eaters are looking for convenient items and 52%are looking for filling items. Restaurant Breakfast and Brunch Trends U.S., September 2018The grab-and-go opportunity has received a huge pushin recent years because it allows healthcare operations tomeet consumer needs with the least amount of additional operational investment. Snacking behavior between or instead ofmeals continues to grow, and consumers increasingly look for snacks to provide function beyond just convenience.80% of consumersAS YOU KNOW, awareness isthe single most important factorsay they snack between meals at least once a day. in helping you drive business and Technomic Snacking Consumer Trend Report, 2018distinguish your food and beverage offerings especially when youre One of the easiest ways to take part in this trending marketgrowing revenue at non-traditional is simply adding an individually wrapped breakfast sandwichtimes. Were more than happy to to your menu to help drive additional revenue and provideprovide you with all the promotional the convenience and portability consumers are looking formaterials youll need to build traffic with minimal labor and kitchen space needed. And breakfastwith new and existing customers sandwiches are by far the top growing menu item at featuring the brands they know and morning meal. love at home, away-from-home and Tyson Foodservice is happy to help make the most of thiseverywhere else.all-day opportunity with a full portfolio of quality individually-wrapped options that feature recognized brands as well as easy and ready-to-merchandise products with longer shelfContact your sales representativelives, helping to reduce waste. for more information aboutthese offerings.1 NPD CREST Morning Meal Presentation, May 20191111'