b'Moving healthcareForward togetherCHEF TIMOTHYfacilities just like Timothys. Education, communication, SCHOONMAKER, theand visibility are key as well as the need for flexibility.executive chef of CentraFeel-good eating and on-the-go snacking areCulinary Creations recentlyonly getting bigger and more popular as we movetalked with us about some of theforward. Timothy is well aware of this and catersmany challenges and big changes he faces servingto that demand with registered dietitians to helpapproximately 210,000 meals a month for close tomake recommendations and changes to menus when 70,000 people with a staff of roughly 175. Thats aboutnecessary. Hes also ensuring those eating throughout 2,500 meals a day by the way. All served from cafs,the day have all the options they could want. We have coffee shops, room service programs, hospitals lots of grab-and-go space in all of our facilities and and more.have added menu items to our coffee shops to suit Timothy loves the daily opportunity to teach that hisnon-traditional mealtimes. And we are looking atposition provides him. No day is ever the same, and headding more meal kits all the time. We also have an always needs to think ahead, stay on his toes, and thinkinternal website with all of our dining information to strategically to continue making things better. But, likehelp keep guests and staff on premises and are going any job, its not without its challenges. The labor poollive with an online ordering system soon.continues to shrink, hospitals continue to focus onTyson Foodservice works side by side with our revenue generating service lines, and resourceshealthcare partners to find the best possible solution to become scarce at times.whatever challenges they face. We have a standing meeting with our Tyson Foodserivce rep monthly. As a Director, Chef, andNot only with new products, but with items that we are looking to try out. Testing menu items, cooking new community member, I mustproducts in new technology (like turbo ovens), you always look ahead at what needsname it, our Tyson Foodservice rep has been an to be done to make things betteressential part of ensuring we are being GPO compliant, while also using the best products for our operation. for the people we serve, attractWe use every type of chicken Tyson Foods makes(literally), and many beef and sausage products. The talent, and give everyone opportunities to grow. best part of this relationship is that often times, we are able to be an essential part of a product rollout or give Timothy Schoonmaker honest feedback before it hits the distributor. Foodservice cannot be accomplished with people It can be hard for operators to be innovative while working individually. We must work together tobeing cost effective at the same time. And, of course, make a difference.peoples tastes are always changing. Being a leader in healthcare requires a fine balance. You have to accountWe couldnt agree more. A big thanks to Timothy for for the traditional baby boomer population as well assharing his time and insights with us.the millennials that are having babies and working in 4'