b"Another person I spoke to worries about stabilizingQ: How do you think operators can utilize suppliers,their workforce before they implement new programsor how do you think suppliers should be supporting or changes. Its important to have a stabilizedoperators in the industry?workforce in order to implement new dining programsIf we go with a menu product, its coming up withor new initiatives. Otherwise youre looking at amenu innovation and looking at how we can take revolving door, and nothing is going to stick properly.center-of-the-plate items and mix them with freshThe third, I thinkespecially with a lot of VPs I talk items. Its understanding the good balance of using tois about the growth of the industry and keeping their suppliers products with the balance of fresh up with new buildings or remodels while continuing theproducts as well. Its having more education for chefs day-to-day business and working with staff and otherthat are coming from restaurants. Thats what I believe community directors where theyre short. So, they is important. Also, knowing your added value services. have new growth going on, they have new buildingsThis is important. Whether youre a distributor, a opening, and they must continue their currentmanufacturerwhoever you areits about business. If youre short-staffed or short managers understanding the added value services that you have. or directors, that puts a hindrance on things, andI dont think a lot of chefs really understand that. And sometimes theres not a lot of that corporate supportwhat I mean by added value is you might have a thats needed. display case that comes with your ham and cheese prepacked sandwiches to go. Operators need to Q: What are some of the biggest shifts you or yourunderstand what else you can offerthe added value. members have noticed in dining preferences recently? Q: Today, consumers are demanding foodwhenthey want it, where they want it. This could be Its an increase of choice from the older models wheresnacking or could just be nontraditional hours.you always had three items available or x number ofHow are members responding to requests from items offered. Having that increase of choice has beenresidents for more grab 'n go, snacking options?a huge shift in addition to the type of cuisine and scratch made cooking. It has fallen by the waysideGrab n go/retail is definitely continuing to build in where people are in the back cooking. Now itscommunities, and thats important. Grab 'n go items cooking to order as much as possible. Thats one ofthat allow residents to bring food back to their homes the biggest shifts. And how do you continue thatwill continue to rise. Especially in CCRC communities service if youre short-staffed? where it gives residents the option of eating on site or going back home. It allows them to use their meal plan Q: I know sometimes recruiting chefs or trained staffdollars how they want to use them.can be difficult in the industry. How are you seeing your members handle those types of issues? Q: What do you think is the most rewarding part of working in this industry?Its about perception. For the recruiting part, what theyre doing now is changing peoples perceptions.Its about human and community satisfaction Thats what a lot of communities are doing. Theyremaking someone happy with their meal. Chefs getshowing they cook real food. Theyre entering conteststhe immediate satisfaction of making someone happyon local levels in their communities and in their towns.with food. I love seeing my residents, or even my A chili contest, a soup contest or barbecuewhateverfamily, happy with a meal. And the one thing that I kind of food contest in their local areas. Mostreally enjoy that I do and that I think we bring to communities are now participating in those kinds ofcommunities or locations that dont have the best of things. They even have food trucks to show off theirthe best or are growing and trying to evolve their brand. But the point of doing thisgoing out in thedining program is helping them. Its educating those communitiesis to say we cook real food. Weredining directors and those chefs so they can improve serious about what we do. We have real chefs, and their food, improve their service and improve their we can compete with any restaurant. And I think thatoperation. To me that brings the most satisfaction. With helps a lot. Its creating the awareness that seniorjust a little education you can make such an impact on dining is a little bit sexier than people think. a community.17"