b'Keeping you on theFront Burner.On behalf ofthe Tyson Foodservice Healthcare Team, I am thrilled to share the newest edition of our Side By Side Magazine.Bethany Runyan MeadowsSr. Manager Channel MarketingAs the healthcare field continues to grow,weve found an increasing demand for a change to the way meals are served in healthcare operations. We feel strongly that food quality and consistency can be a determining factor when residents or patients are choosing a care facility and our goal is to share with you how we, and fellow Foodservice Directors, are solving todays challenges like menu fatigue, flexible meal times, special dietary needs and cost savings while providing the highest-quality solutions possible. I and the entire Healthcare Team are excited to face these challenges together to come up with solutions that not only work, but that will help shape the way we approach healthcare foodservice with operators just like you, side by side.Dont miss our feature article with Executive Chef, Timothy Schoonmaker. His passion for those he serves as well as changing healthcare foodservice for the better was truly inspirational.We also touch on several hot topics like how Speed Scratch menu ideas can help you save time and money while providing all the variety those you serve demand as well as Feel-Good food and what that means to operators like you. Finally, we explore whats trending in healthcare operations and how you can make the most of all those trends to help you build business, drive customer satisfaction and cater to such a diverse set of tastes and needs.I hope this Side By Side issue gives you some fresh ideas, new ways to solve existing problems, or simply reassures you that we at Tyson Foodservice are always working on making your business run even better.Id also like to share an exciting change to our Healthcare Team moving forward. Meredith Austin will be stepping into the leadership role with more than 20 years of Tyson experience. She is eager for the opportunityto build upon the relationships our Healthcare Team has established through the years. I will still be on the Non-Commercial leadership team focusing on other channels to build even more Tyson Foodservice partnerships. Ive loved working with you and will always value thetime we spent working side by side.If youre interested in even more information, please visit our website or feel free to get in touch with us. Wed love to hearfrom you.facebook.com/Tyson4Chefs tysonfoodservice.com/your-channel/healthcare33'