b"DestinationOne of the key competitors in healthcare is commercial restaurants. Guests will often want to satisfy their meal craving whether it is comfort food or an ethnic dish. This can be easily solved by providing recipes, menu items and ingredients that are on-trend outside your operation. But it isnt just about having the items they want; operators are driving people to their location by marketing their offerings throughout their location and even within the community. Some examples of this include hosting cooking demos, farmers markets,as well as waiting room or doctor's office signage.019777-0328 / 10197770328Tyson NAE, Chicken Meatballs, 0.917 oz.Savvy Noncommercial operators know the future is retail forward and will match the expectation set by commercial to deliver similar variety and value. Convenience/speed of serviceNew health cuesConnectionPersonalization/Authenticity Technomic Noncommercial Report, May 2019Discharge Meals038358-0928/10383580928 Patient take-home meals to help maintain nutrition areTyson Red Label NAE Frozen Fully Cooked Large Cut Fajita Seasoned completely unique to healthcare. Once patients leaveIngredient Chicken Breast Strips, the healthcare facility, theyre often looking at special2/5 Lbsnutritional options at least for a short time after their stay. This is an opportunity to influence the ultimate patient outcome in the short term as well as address concerns of malnutrition or readmission in the long term. Youll not only be starting them off on the right foot with feel-good meals, but youll be educating them on how to stay healthy and happy in the future. Key items to consider adding to your operation as consumers have high interest but availability is lower: 002624-0928 / 10026240928Tyson True Tenderpressed NAE 100% All Natural*Room service-style orderingBoneless, Skinless BreastMade-to-order/customizable meal optionsFilets 4 oz., 40 Pieces, 2/5 Lb Healthy choice menu labeling24-hour dining/more seating timesGuaranteed food delivery timesBed-side ordering through an app/tablet Technomic Noncommercial Report, May 2019*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients. 13NAE - No Antibiotics Ever13"