b'Tyson Wings College & University e-Cookbook Matthew Salsberry, University of Richmond Sweet Heat Carolina WingsIngredients 12 pieces, Tyson Red LabelNAE FC Applewood SmokedBone-In Wings (#10383170928) 1 C., Tangy BBQ Sauce2 oz.,Sriracha oz., Scallions1, Garlic Cloveoz., DillParsley C., oz., Chives 1 C., MayonnaiseC.,Sour CreamButtermilkC.,Worcestershire Sauce1 tsp.,1 tsp., White Vinegar 4 tsp., Lemon Juice1 tsp.,Salt and Pepper (to taste) tsp., Smoked Paprikatsp., CayenneDirections1.Set aside the wings, BBQ sauce, sriracha, and scallions. Blend all otheringredients together with an immersion blender until well incorporated.2. Fry Tyson Red LabelNAE FC Applewood Smoked Bone-In Wings for 6-8minutes at 350F or until an internal temperature of 165F is reached.3. Mix BBQ sauce, sriracha, and the blended ingredients. Toss with wings. 4. Garnish with sliced scallions and serve with house ranch andcucumber slices. 13'