b'Tyson Wings College & University e-Cookbook James Zeisler, Virginia Tech UniversityCaribbean Jerk Chicken Wings Ingredients 12 pieces, Tyson Red Label NAE FC Applewood SmokedBone-In Wings (#10383170928) 1 lb., Green Onion, Sliced lb., Light Brown Sugar 2 oz., Habanero Pepper Fresh Peeled Garlic2 oz., oz.,Ginger Puree1 Tbls., Ground Cinnamontsp., Dried Thyme Leaves 1 tsp.,Ground Allspicetsp., Ground Nutmeg2 Tbls., Apple Cider Vinegar Soy Sauce 1 C., C., Unsweetened Pineapple JuiceDirections1.Place all ingredients except for the wings in a food processor,blender, or container to use in an immersion blender.2. Blend or process until smooth. 3. Fry Tyson Red Label NAE FC Applewood Smoked Bone-In Wingsfor 6-8 minutes at 350F. 4. Toss wings with marinade and hold overnight. 5. Remove from marinade and cook the wings on a chargrill untilan internal temperature of 165F is reached. 6. Maintain internal temperature of 140F or higher for holdingand service.5'