b"Tyson Wings College & University e-Cookbook Matthew Perez,Universty of California-Merced Honey Butter Curry Masala WingsIngredients1 lb., Tyson Red LabelNAE FC Applewood Smoked Bone-In Wings (#10383170928) Seasoning Mix Honey ButterC., Kosher Salt 2 Tbls., Mixture of 3-1 ratio of C.,Coarse Black Pepperbutter to honey C.,1 Tbls.,Red Pepper Flakes Kosher SaltC., Granulated GarlicC., Onion Powder ChutneyC., Paprika1 bunch, Carrot Top Greens C., Cayenne 1 handful, Mint LeavesC., Curry Powder1 handful, Cilantro , Onion1 whole, Jalapeo Pepper LemonDirections 1,1. For seasoning mix: Combine the seasoning mix ingredients together in a bowl.2. For honey butter: Whip 3 parts butter to 1 part honey and 1 tablespoon kosher saltgradually to high speed until creamy and aerated. Set aside.3.For chutney: Rough chop one bunch of carrot top greens, a handful ofmint leaves, a handful of cilantro, half an onion, one jalapeo, and one lemon (rind included). In a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients together. Add salt to taste and a splash of lemon juice.4.Deep fry Tyson Red LabelNAE FC Applewood Smoked Bone-In Wings at 350F for 6-8minutes or until an internal temperature of 165F is reached. 5.Remove from the fryer and place wings in a stainless-steel bowl. 6.Add one tablespoon of seasoning mix to wings and toss. 7.Add two tablespoons honey butter and toss together. 8.Place wings back in fry basket and cook until an internal temperature of 165F is reached. 9.Remove wings from the fryer. The wings should be a nice, dark golden color. Place thewings in a clean stainless-steel bowl. 10. Add the remaining honey butter and seasoning mix to taste while they're still hot.11.Toss together and enjoy these addicting Honey Butter Curry Masala Wings!7"