b'BAVARIAN COMBOA duo of black oak and chicken apple sausage served over purple cabbage kraut. Complemented with garlic-smashed roasted potatoes and roasted honey-cinnamon apple wedges.FEATURED PRODUCTS:10000009405 Hillshire FarmFully Cooked, Endless Rope, Polska Kielbasa, No MSG, Gluten Free10000061353 AidellsFully Cooked, All-Natural*, Chicken and Apple-smoked Sausage, 5.25 InchBEVERAGE PAIRING:LagerCHEFS NOTES:You also have the ability to change out sausages to fit flavor profiles or seasonality and offer flights with drink pairings for each. Adding things like pretzels or toasted pretzel buns also guarantees success.I have found that blanching the cabbage before adding to the pickling/kraut brine will help it keep its bright color. Pre-roast the apples with only cinnamon and olive oil. Cover with honey before re-temping of the apple. Heating the honey twice will make it darker and lackluster.11'