b'BUILDmenu excitement oneSMALLplate at a time70 %of business travelers and68 %of leisure travelers say foodservice is extremely or somewhat important when choosing where to stay. 2And a huge opportunity exists to satisfy their culinary curiosities with small plates.It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Smaller portions are more approachable, and they allow for flavor experimentation with little risk. Theyre great for single diners and also encourage the ordering of multiple dishes that can be shared with family and friendswhether at a sit-down table or in a bar setting.With84 %of guests at least somewhat agreeing they would like restaurants to offer more small plates with new or unique ingredients, 2answering this demand can help tip the scale in your favor when guests are deciding where to eat.SMALLplates. BIGopportunity.53 % 43 % Small Platesof consumers say they orderof operators surveyed said they wereare often perceived as shareables/small plates that areadding new small plate options tohigher quality and more traditional American dishes withtheir menu to boost sales 2 innovative than appetizers, mainstream ethnic flavors 1 so consumers are usually willing to spend a premium for them 32'