b'STEAK & POTATO SANTA FE SKILLETTender, marinated sliced steak with cubed, roasted potatoes, diced peppers and onions. Baked in a chipotle cheddar sauce and topped with black-bean-roasted corn relish, avocado crme and a cilantro garnish.FEATURED PRODUCT:10000004385 The Original Steak-EZEThick Cut BreakAwaySirloin Beef Steak, Lightly Marinated, 4 oz.BEVERAGE PAIRING:Belgian-style wheat beerCHEFS NOTES:I wanted to prepare a twist on the loaded potato trend, taking inspiration from traditional Spanish patatas 15 bravas. Here, the chipotle seasoning has replaced the traditional paprika for a rich, smoky flavor. Add an egg to this build for a breakfast item or for an upcharge at lunch or dinner. This skillet could also go into a wrap or burrito.'