b'THE HUNTSMANGrilled and carved Hillshire Farm natural hardwood-smoked sausage topped with stout-caramelized onions and served with a German roasted Granny Smith apple and radish salad.FEATURED PRODUCTS:10000009405 Hillshire FarmFully Cooked, Endless Rope, Polska Kielbasa, No MSG, Gluten FreeBEVERAGE PAIRING:Porter, Stout or ReislingCHEFS NOTES:The sweet, tart pop from the apples and fresh crunch of the radishes bring out the smoky, juicy sausage flavors. Add in the deep, rich flavors of the caramelized onions and stout beer and you have the right amount of layering of luxurious flavors. If you want to include cuisines that are newer to menus, another option is to use the sausage and incorporate Middle Eastern flavorssmoked sausage chunks with Zaatar seasoned and marinated vegetables including red onions, assorted colored bell peppers, eggplant and roma tomatoeschar-grilled. Serve with tabouli salad, cucumber-mint yogurt sauce.12Expect the Middle Eastern trend to drill down to dips and flavors from specific countries in the region, particularly Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey'