b'STARTHERE for small plate successAs a leading supplier of quality proteins that are perfect for chef experimentation, Tyson Foodservice is ready to help with the products, menu ideas and insights you need to keep guests happily dining on-site.The following pages feature some of our most flavorful possibilities. Small Plates provide a form that can be easily adapted to fit your needs; maximizing inventory, streamlining operations and labor efficiencies.SPANISH PORK BELLY FLATBREADCrisp flatbread, topped with seared sous-vide pork belly, roasted red onion, herb-oil rubbed, roasted portabella mushrooms and shaved manchego cheese. Finished with a sauce duo of blood orange-smoked tomato sauce and roasted poblano aioli.FEATURED PRODUCT:1000005362 Hillshire FarmFully Cooked Sous Vide Large Cut Pork BellyBEVERAGE PAIRING:IPACHEFS NOTES:While authenticity can be a selling point for many consumers, you dont always have to feel pressured to offer the most authentic version of a dish. Here, I took inspiration from a global cuisine that is growing on menus (Spanish) and specifically Cocas. The toppings are very recognizable to help appeal across guests. If you already have Spanish-influenced dishes on your menu, consider making more regionalized call outs on your menu with ingredients, a growing trend on menus. 56 %of consumers love or like Spanish foods 43'