b'CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE DIABLORoasted chicken thighs and bold andouille sausage smothered in a Calabrian chili fra diavolo. Served over grilled scallion polenta cakes. FEATURED PRODUCT:10000061356 Aidells Fully Cooked, Cajun-style Andouille Smoked Sausage Made With Pork BEVERAGE PAIRING:Lager, Brown Ale or RieslingCHEFS NOTES:Menus are becoming more regionally focused as consumers become more familiar with ethnic cuisines. For this idea, I wanted to feature the peppers that originate from the Calabrian region of Italy. Guests may not think of spicy when thinking of Italian food, so it brings something unexpected. The polenta cake provides a base that delivers on the small plates experience, but pasta, seasoned rice or risotto could also be used. The heat/spice intensity can be controlled via the chilis, and if you need to back down the heat, I recommend roasted bell peppers. 36 %of consumers like to explore regional varieties of mainstream ethnic cuisines so they can try new foods and flavors 6 6'